The use of carpets today is widely applied to beautify the floor. With carpets, the room looks more comfortable and attractive.

Just do not ever love the carpet regardless of care. If you are indifferent, the carpet can be one source of dust collectors which is certainly not good for respiration residents of the house. Here’s an easy way to clean carpet cleaning Spokane

More attention

You should know, that carpets need relatively more attention than floor coverings like ceramics. When you want to clean the carpet, move the furniture first on it.


Secondly, if your carpet is placed in a public space that many people pass, spray a little liquid detergent first. This liquid will help clean the dirt at the base of the carpet.


Use a vacuum cleaner and start sucking from one corner by going backward, then moving to another section. Do this carefully and do not clean it up and down.

Suck the dust thoroughly. If the carpet layer can be opened, suck the backside.


After doing a one-time vacuum cleanup, you’ll want to repeat it again to make it look clean and comfortable when reused.

Not hard, is it? Happy cleaning guest!