How to Enjoy Luxury Travel on a Shoestring Budget?

Whenever we think of travel we think of the budget. This is because not all of us are rich and therefore we have to plan our trips in the best possible way. If you were rich you wouldn’t have cared about the budget and you would go any travel trip that your heart desires. Even though you might not have the budget for luxury trips you would definitely want to experience luxury and feel the adrenaline rush that it offers. Most budget travelers don’t think of luxury travel because they survive on shoestring budget. However, you really don’t need loads of cash to enjoy luxury travel trips. 

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy luxury travel when you are not on a high budget.

Pick the Right Time: Even some of the best luxury places on the planet have off-season time. This is probably the time when not many travelers visit this place. You can take note of the off-season time and use that to your benefit. There are many beach destinations that can provide you with luxury travel experience but they are not really ideal during the monsoon season. However, you can make that work for you and ensure that you can have some great pictures and time during the off-season.

Plan Ahead: A first class flight ticket during the peak season can burn a hole in your wallet, but not if you are planning ahead. You can always look for first class flight ticket discounts if you are buying it in advance. These days you can look for websites and even travel companies that can allow you to book the best first class flight ticket that you can buy to experience luxury travel at a price that fits your budget. You need to research well and plan months ahead to keep your costs low.

Build Relationships: Loyalty and relationships work better than cash especially when you are traveling. If you have certain skills you can exchange that for the low price or discounts that you can get for staying at luxury hotels and resorts. If you are a blogger you can blog about your stay and in return, you can get discounted rates for your hotel room. Similarly, if you are good at social networking and if you have followers you can tag more people and create some publicity for the place where you are staying. You can also look for people that have luxurious home stays and you can use that for accommodation instead of picking the hotels.

Pick Offbeat Destinations: Choosing popular destinations can add to your budget and therefore you need to research well and focus on offbeat locations that can help you save money. You can explore lesser known places and you might find that you are having a great time without spending much. You can also look for destinations that have an average economy and therefore you can manage to have a luxury stay without pushing your budget. You can always pick a country where your local currency has more value.

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